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The Good Hearted Women are Indigenous and non-Indigenous women following the drum circle teachings of Community Elder Jean Becker, who began this group in 2003. They are based out of Waterloo, ON. 

They have been taught to follow the teachings of the Seven Grandfathers. These are the values of: Wisdom, Truth, Humility, Courage, Honesty, Respect and Love. These teachings guide us in our relationships with ourselves and each other and they help guide us towards living our lives in a balanced way. 


Aambe Maa Jin Daa (Invitation Song)

Shared by;  Anishnaabe Elder – Zhingwaak – Jake Pine

Meaning: Come into this sacred circle, enter in this good way of understanding before you forget your teachings.

Nii-bi (Water Song)

Nii-bi Gii Zaa- gay- e- goo

Gii Mii-gwetch a-wayn ni mii – goo

Gii Zaa Wayn ni- mii- goo

Water, we love you.

We thank you.

We respect you.

Power Song

(Colonization has had and continues to have tremendous impact on Indigenous peoples. This song reminds of colonization and how we need to take back our power and self-determination).

When I was younger

Oh they told me I was wrong to be strong, wrong to be strong

But now I’m older

And I tell them I’ve been giving away my power for too long

And I’m taking it back, I’m taking it back

I’m taking it back, back, back, because it’s mine